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img_4772-e1534704844135.jpgI am Yuhang Xu/徐雨航, currently a joint Ph.D. student from the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Brain & Cognitive SciencesUniversity of Rochester. I am working with Dr. Jeffrey Runner and Dr. Michael K. Tanenhaus at the U of R as well as Dr.Qingrong Chen at the Nanjing Normal University.

My CV.


  • 2020 Fall
    • *New paper*  Assessing introspective linguistic judgments quantitatively: the case of The Syntax of Chinese. Journal of East Asian Linguistics. [link]
    • *New paper*  Effects of character and word contextual diversity in Chinese beginning readers. Scientific Studies of Reading. 1-21. [link]
  • 2020 Spring
    • LSA 2020 talk: Immediate effects of non-structural constraints in anaphor resolution: evidence from visual world eye-tracking (link)
    • CUNY 2020 poster: Syntactic and semantic structure in VP ellipsis and VP anaphora processing (link)
  • 2019 Fall
    • I am teaching Experimatal Syntax this fall.