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File Jan 02, 09 32 22I am Yuhang Xu/徐雨航, currently a second year joint PhD student from the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Brain & Cognitive SciencesUniversity of Rochester. I am working with Dr. Jeffrey Runner and Dr. Michael K. Tanenhaus at the U of R as well as Dr.Qingrong Chen at the Nanjing Normal University.

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  • Two posters will be presented at the 31st CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing at UC-Davis, March 15-17, 2018
    • Gender Effects on Gender Ambiguous Anaphor Resolution
      Authors: Yuhang Xu, Yedan Tian, Jeffrey Runner and Mike Tanenhaus
    • Time-course of Orthographic Effects in Chinese Spoken Word Recognition
      Authors: Yuhang Xu, Mengya Xie, Qingrong Chen and Mike Tanenhaus